Built TOUGH for Work!

Makes doing business on the road EASY!

Welcome to Toolsafe® by GILFLITE®

Tradesmans service body built TOUGH for work

Toolsafe is designed and manufactured in Australia by GILFLITE with total commitment to manufacturing excellence ensuring the GILFLITE Quality Guarantee!

Professional Secure Workable Mobile Storage

Designed to make doing business on the road  easier! Toolsafe solves your storage and security problems.

Toolsafe provides mobile storage solutions that take the hassle out of doing business on the road, giving you the tool to make more profit.  Toolsafe provides maximum storage space while securing your business equipment from theft.

And with a proven track record of high performance design and manufacturing excellence we ensure the GILFLITE Quality Guarantee with complete heavy duty construction and modern design, providing a professional appearance for your business.

Our personalised service ensures that we custom design and build your unique interior fit-out to optimise your business productivity and success.

Toolsafe is designed and manufactured in Australia by GILFLITE with total commitment to manufacturing excellence ensuring the GILFLITE Quality Guarantee!

  • TOOLSAFE construction:  Fibreglass Composite
  • TOOLSAFE has a minimum of a 20 year life span
  • TOOLSAFE fits most current model 1 ton cab chassis
  • TOOLSAFE is interchangeable between cab chassis
  • TOOLSAFE is Lightweight – Water Proof – Rust Proof – Dust Proof
  • TOOLSAFE Secures your business property from theft
  • TOOLSAFE Solves your mobile storage problems



to suit your business purpose
Heavy Duty Drawer system
  • Tradesman’s Toolsafe units
  • Local Laws Rangers Trucks
  • Emergency Services
  • Fleet Vehicles
  • Personal Use

The TOOLSAFE® Service Body can be fitted to most current model 1 tonne cab chassis – single cab, space cab, dual cab. Toolsafe is also interchangeable when upgrading to a new vehicle. With a minimum 20 year life-span this means that your new Toolsafe with customised interior design and fit out to suit your business needs is an investment that will support your business into the future. As the time comes to upgrade your vehicle/cab chassis the Toolsafe body can easily be removed from your old vehicle and re-fitted to your new cab chassis.

Standard TOOLSAFE® Body fitted includes:

  • white fade resistant gelcoat
  • roof racks
  • removable internal walls (offering 3 separate compartments)
  • heavy duty (marine quality) carpet on floors
  • Interior lights
  • side doors are burst proof and keyed alike
  • ignition activated door open alarm
  • high mounted brake lights
  • custom fitted to cab chassis of your choice
  • manufactured with high quality materials and heavy duty fittings

Inside Dimensions all TOOLSAFE® Bodies

  • 1650mm wide x 950mm high
  • Inside length varies depending on make & model of cab chassis
  • Single cab chassis between 2250mm to 2450mm internal length
  • Extra cab chassis 2100mm internal length
  • Dual cab chassis 1800mm internal length

The fibreglass back provides tradesmen with a huge amount of storage space which can be accessed with exceptional ease.

Toolsafe is the most durable ‘tough wearing’ service body with longevity of use available on the Australian market.

At GILFLITE we work to ensure that you get the results that you set out to achieve when considering your new service body with the exact interior design and fit-out that you have in mind. And if you are not exactly sure what you’re after then we are here to help and offer consultation on the many options available.  We offer a personal service and are renown for our capabilities to design, innovate and if necessary ‘invent on the spot’ to make sure you get what you want.



Custom designed & built to suit your business

GILFLITE® Quality Guaranteed!

with total commitment to design and manufacturing excellence

  • GILFLITE® and TOOLSAFE® are both registered trade-marks
  • All designs,  products & logo’s are covered by copyright© trademark® and or patent.
  • Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice
  • All information on this website is copyright by GILFLITE©

Purpose built to suit your business

Heavy duty drawers/work-bench/shelving/spare parts trays


Customised to suit your business,

Completed with high grade workmanship


Toolsafe  provides mobile storage solutions with security!

Pictured above: Heavy duty pull out drawers under carpet covered work-bench top, with shelving above for spare parts trays.

This Toolsafe unit is water proof – dust proof – rust proof. All fittings and fixtures are of heavy duty quality for longevity. The carpet is a u.v. treated marine carpet.


About Us

Toolsafe by GILFLITE

Built tough for work

Manufactured by GILFLITE in Melbourne Australia since 1999

Custom designs and fit out to suit your business

Quality Guaranteed

with a proven track record, check out our  History Link …

GILFLITE total commitment to design and manufacturing excellence!

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Toolsafe by GILFLITE

Secure mobile storage solutions

Built Tough for Work!


Toolsafe Repairs

QUICK TURN AROUND TIME GILFLITE Repair work completed in 1 to 2 days Toolsafe Accident Repairs All repair work and insurance claims fully quoted and itemised.

Toolsafe by GILFLITE

Local Laws ‘Rangers Truck Body’ by GILFLITE – Toolsafe Custom design, custom build, GILFLITE Quality Guaranteed! This Rangers Truck takes care of the Shires local animal residents in the most caring and comfortable manner when someone’s pet goes astray or can’t find their way home. These animals travel in style. With up to date technology …


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