Toolsafe body change over

Toolsafe has a minimum 20 year life span (with maintenance you can expect at least 30 years out of your GILFLITE Toolsafe unit). Toolsafe is an exceptional business investment!
When upgrading your vehicle, GILFLITE will remove your Toolsafe unit from existing cab chassis, fully service the body, repair any marks/scratches, detail with cut & polish, fit to new cab chassis and re-wire lights, camera etc.
The Toolsafe unit will look 85% as new when fitted to your new cab chassis. Ready for another few hundred thousand kilometres of work.
The second example given in this blog (Falcon to Navara) is a 15 year old Toolsafe body that has been in constant use ‘on the road’ since 2003.
Toolsafe fits most current 1 tonne cab chassis.

 The Toolsafe works well and looks great on the back of any make or model! (The cab chassis used in this album are an example only).

Toolsafe – mobile storage with security, organises and presents your business professionally! ‘Makes doing business on the road easy!’

Below: Toolsafe body change over: Ford Falcon to Mitsubishi Triton. New custom side skirts with aluminium trim have finished this job off nicely.

Below: This Toolsafe unit has been on the road for 15 years, recently we removed the Toolsafe unit from the existing Ford Falcon cab chassis, serviced the unit including full cut and polish and re-fit the Toolsafe unit to the new Nissan Navara cab chassis.

existing cab chassis (Ford Falcon)
remove Toolsafe from existing cab chassis
fully service & detail Toolsafe. Remove existing wheel arches.
Nisan Navara (body change over Falcon to Navarra)