Accessories & Options

 Central Locking

Linked in with the cab chassis system – provides remote locking to all 3 doors on your Toolsafe.

Secures your business equipment with ease.

Reverse Camera

  • Rear View Mirror Monitor
  • Mirror Mounted Day/Night Screen – Reversing Camera / Monitor System TFT LCD Monitor


  • 7 inch wide screen rearview mirror monitor
  • Screen format: 16:9
  • Car reversing backsight surveillance
  • Blue screen when no video signal
  • PAL/NTSC auto switch
  • Power supply: 7W/12V
  • Image resolution: 336960 pixels


Parking Sensor System

Parking sensors/reverse sensors adapt ultrasonic wave sensors to survey the distance between the rear of the vehicle and the barrier informing the driver of a safe distance while reversing the vehicle.

Main Features

  • Turn on automatically while braking or reversing vehicle
  • Linetype figure
  • High-tech processing
  • Show distance by LED lamp/LED display/LCD display/VFD display/TFT screen
  • Omnidirectional detector sensor
  • Embedded and past type sensor

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