Toolsafe by GILFLITE

Toolsafe® by GILFLITE

GILFLITE® a style of life ….   ‘celebrating 50 years’

Most Australians are familiar with the name GILFLITE, over the years it has become synonymous with quality design and well built products that stand the test of time.

We’ve been around since 1968 and this year GILFLITE is celebrating 50 years of manufacturing excellence.  In-fact, our early model products have  become Australian  classics collected by enthusiasts as well as family heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation.

As anyone who grew up water skiing knows, GILFLITE started out building record breaking race boats and award winning high performance ski boats before moving into the automotive industry with the design and release of the Toolsafe service body in early 2000.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the exciting business developments of GILFLITE, check out our history page on the link below which details the many industries and product designs that we have been involved in over the years.

For decades GILFLITE dominated the marine industry with not only boat design and innovation but inventions including the soft clutch and the ski training bar as well as a new trailer design. GILFLITE have also been committed to a long term contract building storage lockers for fire trucks.

From timber racing boats to fibreglass runabouts, and with automotive engineering already in the makings of the business, GILFLITE identified a new market when it became apparent that there was room for improvement in the automotive industry with the need for a well designed and manufactured tradesmans ute body.

In 1995, design and development began for a fibreglass service body.  Over the next few years the ‘Toolsafe tradesman’s service body’ was commercialised.

In the early days of the 21st century GILFLITE lead the way with one of the first well designed and quality constructed service bodies to hit the Australian market – ‘Toolsafe by GILFLITE’. Today, GILFLITE remain market leaders in the automotive industry with the Toolsafe service body and GILFLITE’s ability and expertise in working with their customer to achieve a professional and practical design to suit the customers business needs and provide a quality finish to the product ensuring the GILFLITE Quality Guarantee! Toolsafe solves the problems for all business and personal needs when it comes to secure mobile storage that provides ease of use.

This is why we say “GILFLITE is a lifestyle choice” ….. whether you’re a boat fanatic and enjoy life on the water in your spare time or you’re a business person who requires mobile storage and security while doing business on the road, designs by GILFLITE like the Toolsafe for business make life easier.

Makes doing business on the road EASY!


  • Built tough for work – water proof – rust proof – dust proof!
  • Heavy duty – light weight
  • Minimum 20 year life span!
  • Customised to suit your business.
  • Toolsafe provides mobile storage solutions with security!
  • Makes doing business on the road EASY!

Toolsafe organises, secures and presents your business professionally! This service body can be fitted to most model cab chassis and is interchangeable when upgrading vehicles. Available in single cab, dual cab and space cab. Toolsafe has a minimum 20 year life span!


GILFLITE Quality Guaranteed! 

Australian owned, Australian designed and Australian made.

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Any non-original GILFLITE® parts fitted to a GILFLITE® product or Toolsafe® product may effect warranty and product insurance

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