Toolsafe Change Over

Toolsafe Body Change Over 

Remove Toolsafe from existing cab chassis / refit to new cab chassis


The TOOLSAFE® Service Body can be fitted to most current model 1 tonne cab chassis – single cab, space cab, dual cab.

Toolsafe is also interchangeable when upgrading to a new vehicle. With a minimum 20 year life-span this means that your new Toolsafe with customised interior design and fit out to suit your business needs is a once off purchase.

As the time comes to upgrade your vehicle/cab chassis the Toolsafe body can easily be removed from your old vehicle and re-fitted to your new cab chassis.

With a thorough clean-up including detailed cut and polish, the Toolsafe unit can be made to look like new when re-fitted to your new cab chassis.

Toolsafe standard body change over includes;

  • Remove Toolsafe body from existing cab chassis
  • Fully service fittings
  • Cut and Polish exterior of Toolsafe body
  • Fit Toolsafe to new cab chassis
  • Rewire door alarm system & interior lights to new cab chassis

  Extra work required;

  •  Repair work – (to be quoted on site)
  • Other custom work – (to be quoted on site)

We require both your new vehicle and your current vehicle for two days to complete the standard body change over including full exterior cut and polish & rewire of unit to new chassis.


Above: Standard Toolsafe change over

This Toolsafe unit has been in service for 8 years, this is it’s 4th vehicle change over. The Toolsafe has been removed from it’s existing (older – Falcon) cab chassis, serviced, cleaned, & re-fitted to this new Ford Ranger cab chassis.

Below: Custom Toolsafe change over

Toolsafe removed from existing Ford Falcon cab chassis and modified to suit new Nissan Nivarra cab chassis.


Below: Custom Toolsafe change over

Dual cab Toolsafe unit removed from dual cab chassis, modified to suit single cab chassis with custom built locker installed for extra storage.

With normal maintenance Toolsafe will endure a minimum 20 year life-span, the Toolsafe below is testament to the durability of the GILFLITE manufactured body as it proves to have stood the test of time.

Below: Multiple body change overs – this Toolsafe body was manufactured in 2003, it is 15 years old and testament to the quality design and construction during the manufacturing process at GILFLITE

This Toolsafe unit was originally built in 2003 and with 15 years of use and  multiple body change overs the Toolsafe is in excellent condition and should be good for another 10 to 15 years.

No other service body on the Australian market can stand the test of time like the GILFLITE Toolsafe

To arrange your Toolsafe body change over
please contact the office direct to make booking,

tel: 03 9720 1812


Toolsafe has a minimum 20 year life-span

GILFLITE Quality Guaranteed