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Local Laws ‘Rangers Truck Body’ by GILFLITE – Toolsafe

Custom design, custom build, GILFLITE Quality Guaranteed!

This Rangers Truck takes care of the Shires local animal residents in the most caring and comfortable manner when someone’s pet goes astray or can’t find their way home. These animals travel in style. With up to date technology and design we ensure that the locals are provided with limousine style transport which includes air conditioned secure compartments, easy loading for all sizes, with easy handling access, super easy and fast cleaning methods, durable soft and non slip flooring, excellent storage and a range of safety equipment along with an array of practical features and fixtures suited to the Rangers needs and customised to suit the Shire – Toolsafe by GILFLITE!



Australia’s Leading Privately Owned Electrical and Communications Contractor


Capability statement

Stowe celebrated 100 years of continual service excellence in September 2010.

The company’s origins date back to the advent of the electricity industry in Australia when Francis Bell and George T Stowe incorporated the company in 1910. The company was purchased by two senior foremen Bert Madson and Sam Bogen in 1934.

Today Stowe Australia is Australia’s leading privately owned electrical and communications contracting organisation with forecast annual revenues over $500mil and currently employing over 1,500 people.

The ownership of Stowe Australia has been retained through three generations (over 85 years) of the Madson Family with Bert Madson taking ownership of Stowe in 1934 and then passing ownership to his son David Madson. David’s son, Chris Madson is the current Stowe managing director.

Underpinning and driving the success of the company over this time are two fundamental business objectives:

“To build and maintain a satisfied customer base through superior quality service with fair dealings based on trust and respect.”

“To create long term relationships with customers, suppliers and most importantly its employees.”

For more information regarding Stowe Australia, services, projects and careers please click on the link below which will take you to the official web site of Stowe.

2021 Toyota Hilux (Vehicle change over – with 2012 built Toolsafe unit; removed/serviced and re fitted to new 2021 cab chassis). The above Toolsafe by GILFLITE canopy is 9 years old – Working as NEW!
Toyota Hilux single cab – Body change over and accident repairs

At GILFLITE we work with our clients to assist in the assurance of their business and product efficiency.

“Toolsafe by GILFLITE – business solutions ‘Built Tough to last”

Grayson’s Gutter Guard

‘Dedicated to the service of gutter cleaning

and gutter protection’

Cleaning, Servicing & Repairing Gutters since 2001

Grayson’s Gutter Guard is dedicated to the service of gutter cleaning and gutter protection. The Grayson’s business was originally founded in 2001. They also clean, service and repair old gutter guards, providing matching materials where required. Grayson’s Gutter Guards, are also used for bird proofing to stop unwanted pests getting in through the gutters.  They are the supplier of the exclusive product Triple-G®

Grayson’s now owns some of Australia’s oldest gutter guard brands, including the iconic Leafbusters. They have chosen Gilflite, Toolsafe canopies as the best option for their upcoming franchise vehicles. 

Supplier of the exclusive product Triple G

Grayson’s specialise in; Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Guard Installation, Window Cleaning & Bird Control. For more information on their services click on the link to their web site …

Toolsafe organises your business so you can get on with business!

Toolsafe Custom Fit-Outs – designed specifically for your business, completed with high grade workmanship.

Toolsafe by GILFLITE built tough to last! – fibreglass composite

Toolsafe organises your business so you can get on with business!

Toolsafe  provides professional customised mobile storage with security!

‘Toolsafe makes doing business on the road EASY’

Toolsafe not only looks GOOD! It is durable, performs well and is…..




The Toolsafe will support your business growth.  Built to last, your  investment  will endure the test of time. The GILFLITE Toolsafe unit is the only service body on the Australian market that (with general maintenance), will provide you with a minimum of  20 to 30 years service.

When upgrading your vehicle, the Toolsafe is easily removed from your old cab chassis and fitted to your new cab chassis. We fully service the Toolsafe unit and complete the change over with a thorough cut and polish, bringing it back to as new condition.

You’re always gonna look good on the road with a GILFLITE Toolsafe!

Toolsafe is easy to repair! In case of an accident, bring your Toolsafe into the factory and we are able to complete repairs within 1 to 2 business days.

Toolsafe optimises the organisation of your business with our custom fit-outs. Purpose built for your business.

Below: Toolsafe custom fit-out – a recent addition to the National Fleet of Toolsafe service bodies customised to suit this growing electrical company.

Heavy duty Drawer & Shelving system with spare parts trays, carpet covered work bench, fibreglass drawers with safety lock.

Drawer & Shelving system – heavy duty drawer slides.

Internal Ladder Rack

Internal lighting in each compartment

Toolsafe built TOUGH for work!

If you’re looking to grow your business and make more profit, give us a call – we’ve got the perfect Tool!

Toolsafe – tel: 03 9720 1812







Toolsafe accident repairs


Toolsafe repairs by GILFLITE completed in 1 to 2 days!

Had an accident, give us a call 03 9720 1812 to book your vehicle in for a fully itemised insurance quote for all repair work to your Toolsafe service body.

If your vehicle has been in an accident and you have taken it to a repairer, get them to give us a call to quote accident repair work for any damage on your Toolsafe unit.

GILFLITE will professionally complete all fibreglass repair work and restore your Toolsafe unit to as good as original ‘new’ condition.

We’ll get you back on the road as quick as possible. We understand that you are busy and require your vehicle  back on the road to get on with work. Most jobs we can get done within a two day turn around.

Just provide us with your insurance company details and claim no. and we’ll take care of the rest.

GILFLITE Quality Guaranteed!

Before:  Accident Repair – 1 to 2 day turn around

After:  GILFLITE repair work completed

GILFLITE Fibreglass repairs completed in 1 to 2 days

GILFLITE Fibreglass repairs completed in 1 to 2 days

GILFLITE Quality Guaranteed!


Toolsafe body change over

Toolsafe has a minimum 20 year life span (with maintenance you can expect at least 30 years out of your GILFLITE Toolsafe unit). Toolsafe is an exceptional business investment!
When upgrading your vehicle, GILFLITE will remove your Toolsafe unit from existing cab chassis, fully service the body, repair any marks/scratches, detail with cut & polish, fit to new cab chassis and re-wire lights, camera etc.
The Toolsafe unit will look 85% as new when fitted to your new cab chassis. Ready for another few hundred thousand kilometres of work.
The second example given in this blog (Falcon to Navara) is a 15 year old Toolsafe body that has been in constant use ‘on the road’ since 2003.
Toolsafe fits most current 1 tonne cab chassis.

 The Toolsafe works well and looks great on the back of any make or model! (The cab chassis used in this album are an example only).

Toolsafe – mobile storage with security, organises and presents your business professionally! ‘Makes doing business on the road easy!’

Below: Toolsafe body change over: Ford Falcon to Mitsubishi Triton. New custom side skirts with aluminium trim have finished this job off nicely.

Below: This Toolsafe unit has been on the road for 15 years, recently we removed the Toolsafe unit from the existing Ford Falcon cab chassis, serviced the unit including full cut and polish and re-fit the Toolsafe unit to the new Nissan Navara cab chassis.

existing cab chassis (Ford Falcon)

remove Toolsafe from existing cab chassis

fully service & detail Toolsafe. Remove existing wheel arches.

Nisan Navara (body change over Falcon to Navarra)


Mobile storage solutions for your business

Toolsafe by GILFLITE – fibreglass composite service body

Built tough for work – water proof – rust proof – dust proof!

Heavy duty – light weight – minimum 20 year life span!

Customised to suit your business – Toolsafe provides mobile storage solutions with security!

Makes doing business on the road EASY!

Toolsafe organises, secures and presents your business professionally! This service body can be fitted to most model cab chassis and is interchangeable when upgrading vehicles. Available in single cab, dual cab and space cab.

Australian designed, Australian made. GILFLITE Quality Guaranteed!

Call: 03 9720 1812